televised sport

We have live televised sporting events each week!

Thursday 21st September

France vs Namibia- Rugby World Cup- 8.00pm

Friday 22nd September

Argentina vs Samoa- Rugby World Cup- 4.45pm

Saturday 23rd September

Georgia vs Portugal- Rugby World Cup- 1pm

Manchester City vs N Forest- Premier League- 3pm

England vs Chile- Rugby World Cup- 4.45pm

Burnley vs Man Utd- Premier League- 8pm

South Africa vs Ireland- Rugby World Cup- 8pm

Sunday 24th September

Arsenal vs Tottenham- Premier League- 2pm

Liverpool vs West Ham- Premier League- 2pm

Scotland vs Tonga- Rugby World Cup- 4.45pm

Wales vs Australia- Rugby World Cup- 8pm

Wednesday 27th September

Liverpool vs Leicester City- Carabao Cup- 7.45pm
Newcastle vs Manchester City- Carabao Cup- 8.00pm

Televised Sports at The Royal Meath

We take pride in bringing you the best live televised sporting events each week.

Whether it’s football, rugby, hurling, or any other thrilling action, our large screens ensure you won’t miss a moment of the excitement.

Join us with friends and fellow fans as we cheer for our teams, creating an electric atmosphere that amplifies the thrill of the game.

Our pub is the perfect place to catch up on the latest sporting events while enjoying a cold beer and delicious pizza.

So grab your jersey, come on down, and experience the camaraderie and excitement of live sports at The Royal Meath Pub.